At Inspire Professional Counseling we strive to meet the unique needs of our clients.  We offer individual, couple, and family, and group counseling to children, teens, and adults of all ages. Sessions can be offered at our offices in La Mesa, on a school campus or online,  (often called telehealth or teletherapy) to clients anywhere in California.  We believe in the importance of solid, ethical practice using proven evidence-based theory and effective practice interventions such as Cognitive Behavioral Interventions, DBT, Relational EMDR as well as an eclectic infusion of “person-centered” interventions to ensure that we offer our clients safe, effective and impactful service within the context of appreciating the diverse ethnic, religious and cultural needs of our clients.

Whether we are providing play therapy for small children, cognitive behavioral therapy to a person suffering from depression, or online telehealth counseling to a busy professional or individual in serious need where travel to our office is not possible, our goal is to allow our clients to feel acceptance,  trust and the motivation to work hard for real change to be possible. 

In office Counseling:  We offer psychotherapy services to children, adolescents, and adults specializing in working with individuals of diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds.  Often shame, embarrassment, and stigma of mental health services can be a barrier to seeking treatment from a psychotherapist.  Our staff offer therapy that is empathic, nurturing and allows the client to acclimate to the process of healing so that relief from the weight of the everyday stressors experienced can be felt. 

Here are Services we are providing: